Product Manager

  • India, Kerala, Kollam - Full-time

Job Location: AMMACHI Research Labs, Amrita University, Kollam

Industry: Education

Department: AMMACHI Labs (

Min. Qualification:
* Candidates with 4+ years of work experience in product management
* Degrees in B.Tech/B.E in computer science or equivalent
* Good communication skills
* Business/management skills (motivation, goal setting, schedule, deadlines, etc.)
* Sense of organization to prioritize projects
* Capabilities to develop a vision
* Communication skills
* Personal skills
o Ability to liaise with senior people
o Ability to work in a multicultural environment
o Strong interpersonal skills
o Flexible
o Ability to work independently
o Ability to work with a team
o Sense of diplomacy
o Ability to work under pressure and to cope with deadlines
Job Type (Full Time /Volunteer): Full Time
Details of Job:
* Prioritize the different projects coming from different departments (top management, research, content, field, accounting, HR etc).
* Good understanding of end user need
* Develop product roadmap
* Convey that product roadmap/vision to the Development Team
* Motivate the team with a clear, elevating goal
* Shows commitment by doing whatever is necessary to build the best product possible- Works closely with key stakeholders throughout the organization and beyond, communicate with them about the project at any given time.
* Contribute to generation of status reports to be presented to top management.
* Actively participates in end project debriefing for evaluation and to determine lessons learnt
Desired Skills:
* Familiarity with UX Design tools
* Familiarity with Web Applications, e-Learning Products

Special Requirements: None